Why We Are Different

Traditional Accounting FirmOn Point Accounting Services
Starts clients with QuickBooks and may or may not meet at the end of the year.We start with an initial strategy session to help you understand and develop a plan for the entire year.
Reactive mode. Tells clients to call if they have questions.Proactive business model. We reach out to clients regularly and encourage two-way communication to better understand your business.
Many different revenue sources. Small businesses are “just another client”.On Point Accounting Services specializes in small business owners like you and your unique needs.
Major event is tax preparation.Major event is mid-year review for tax planning.
No monthly reporting. Does 12 months worth of work during tax season.We perform monthly record-keeping so we can better spot trends and take advantage of tax savings opportunities.
They request information in March or April about what happened the previous year.We ask our clients questions about what happened during the previous month.
Their client has no idea what their tax liability is until April 15th.There are NO SURPRISES at On Point Accounting Services because we plan for taxes all year long. Tax returns are filed timely.
Clients are often forced to find one source for bookkeeping services, another for payroll and a third for taxes.On Point Accounting Services provides one-stop shopping for accounting, payroll, taxes and consulting. We see all aspects of your business and can help you make better decisions.
Clients are often afraid to call their accountant for fear of receiving a bill.Our clients receive unlimited telephone support at no charge! We encourage clients to call with questions and concerns throughout the year.
Client never knows what their accounting fee will be or when it will be due.On Point Accounting Services has a fixed fee structure that is all inclusive and known upfront. We don’t like surprises either!

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Susan DeFelice

Susan DeFelice

Founder/Owner | Enrolled Agent